Improve productivity while lowering costs and increasing safety with the Hypertherm Freedom 38 PPA.

The Hypertherm Freedom 38 PPA is an engine-driven, fully self-contained plasma system designed for cutting and gouging work in remote locations. The unit combines a Powermax 125 plasma system with a 38 kilowatt generator and air compressor.

Improve Productivity

  • Finish jobs faster with cut speeds five times greater than oxyfuel on 12 mm (1/2″) mild steel
  • Cut any electrically conductive metal, even rusty metal or coated pipe
  • Reduce average bevel cut time by 50-80% over oxyfuel or machining and grinding on 15 mm (0.600″) wall pipe
  • Achieve higher cut quality than oxyfuel or grinding
  • Eliminate time lost waiting for cylinder deliveries

Increase Safety

  • Reduce on-the-job injuries from grinding or moving heavy cylinders
  • Remove the fire and explosion hazard of oxyfuel
  • Reduce noise and fumes from carbon arc gouging

Lower Cost

  • Reduce costs with increased productivity
  • Cut costs from oxygen/acetylene cylinder rentals
  • Reduce the amount of gases needed and the number of grinding wheels used
  • Reduce the number of tools needed on site

Uses & Applications


Metal Fabrication
Pipe and pipelines



Bevel Cutting
Hole cutting
Remote cutting





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